Yankee Candles

Yankee Candles

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Yankee Candles

Yankee Candles

Yankee Candles

Candles are great addition to home decor. They add ambience and sometimes fragrance to the room. Non scented candles are perfect for candle lit dinner. Scented candles can lift up mood or merely eliminate odor. Yankee Candle Christmas cookie scent for example, is perfect for holiday home decor.

Candles can be bought in a lot of different sizes and shapes. The bigger they are, the longer they will burn. Tea light candles burn the shortest time. Large jar candles burn the longest time. For example, Yankee candle large jar Spring Bouquet scent burns over 110 hours.

Candles are also great addition to party decor. They are used in Halloween, Christmas parties, wedding parties and other parties. Yankee Candle small jar wedding day scent is perfect for wedding receptions or ceremonies. This candle will fill the room with romantic floral fragrance. It is just the perfect scent for wedding celebration, as the name says it.

Candles of any sizes, shapes and scents can be found on EBay. Shopping on EBay is really convenient and time saver not to mention money saver. Yankee candles of any scent, new or discontinued, are for sale on EBay. Candle holders, tart burners, candle scent car jars and potpourri can also be found on EBay. Yankee candle scent room sprays and reed diffusers are also listed on EBay at great low prices.

Candles not providing enough light out back Then check out what exterior lighting can do to enhance your patio or backyard.

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